Harry Potter version originale

Harry Potter

by J.K Rowling

Harry Potter lives into the Dursley’s house. At age 11, a giant called Hagrid came and tell him he is a wizard and that his parents had been killed by You-Know-Who. He says to Harry that he will have to go to the Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry. It’s in this school that Harry will meet Hermione and Ron, his two best friends. When Harry arrives to the college, he learns a lot of things, like how to use a wizard wand, make magical potions. All these knowledge help him to fight with You-Know-Who and save the philosopher’s stone (the stone can make longer the life of its owner, here Nicolas Flammel). His first year finished, Harry have to come back to Dursley’s house for all the summer. At the end of the summer, Harry Potter has to come back to Hogwarts. In this place, some pupils had been victim of a bad spell. A monster is going about the halls of Hogwarts, and Harry discovers the Chamber of Secrets which had been created by Slytherin when this when fought with Gryffindor, Hufflepuf and Ravenclaw and Harry will have to save Ginny, Ron’s sister. He will have to fight with the monster and, obviously, he win. After this year full of feelings, Harry comes back again to the Dursley’s house.  Harry is 13 years old and a prisoner escaped from Azkaban prison. His name is Sirius Black and the ministry of magic thinks that he wants to kill Harry. Harry get a map from Ron’s brothers, Fred and George, which show him all the secrets passageway of Hogwarts. One day, he goes to Hogsmade by one of this passages and he hear that Sirius is actually his godfather. When Harry, Ron and Hermione, came back to the castle after seeing Hagrid, because one of his crazy creatures (a hippogriff) has to be executed, they arrive into the Womping willow, where they meet Sirius black and they discover that Sirius isn’t bad and he only wants the man who “killed” Lily and James Potter, Peter Pettigrew, which is actually the rat of Ron, but this one escape and Sirius is arrested. Thanks at a time keeper, Harry comes back up the time and they save Sirius. After that, Harry comes back to the Dursley’s house for an other burring summer. Harry Potter would like to have a normal life, like a wizard of 14 years has. He is very happy to assist to the world cup of Quidditch and to come back to Hogwarts, where he began his 4th year. This year, the triwizard tournament takes place. The name of Harry Potter had been put into the goblet of fire and so Harry has to participate to the tournament, where he will have to fight with You-Know-Who. In this year, Harry fall in love with a Ravenclaw, Cho Chang. Harry is 15 now, and he waits for the end of the holidays because he wants to come back to Hogwarts. Harry is very nervous because of strange dreams and because he knows that You-Know-Who has come back. Dumbledore, the headmaster of Hogwarts, introduce him into the order of the phoenix, where Harry gets together with Sirius Black. When he comes back to school, Hogwarts become a real place of war for the power. Harry creates the AD; where he teaches to other pupils how to fight with Voldemort’s army. After living a year full of emotions, Harry comes back to the Dursley’s house.


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